Gary Burrow
■2001-present Consultant Application Engineer for the American Metal Casting Consortium (AMC)
(MANTEC funded program)

■ 2006-present National Center For Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) RR&M Rapid Prototype
Development project

■ 2007 to present Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) Antimicrobial copper research project
(US Army and Copper Development Assoc. funded program)

 2009 to present Moving Water Industries (MWI) Consultant Engineering design, castings,
alloys and processes.

 2006-2008 National Center For Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) Casting Cost Advisor Project
(MANTEC funded program)

■ 2007-2010 Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) Hybrid Lightweight Metals research project
(Funded by Benet Army Laboratory and the Non Ferrous Foundry Society)

■2011 Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), Keyport Copper casting problem

Gary is a consultant to the American Metalcasting Consortium program through the ATI since 2001. He is one of the cast-it engineers and works with the Defense Logistics Administration (DLA) on legacy weapons systems, new programs, reviewing designs and technical data packages makes recommendations for design improvement, manufacturability, updating technical data packages, source recommendations and “should cost” for cast and machined components.
Gary gives casting concept seminars to Engineering Support Authorities (ESA’S), Quality Assurance Specialists (QAS’S), procurement specialists and other personnel at DLA, military depots and military contractors that routinely work with castings in their job descriptions. Gary, in working with AMC, has reviewed well over 2,500 National Stock Numbers (NSN’s) saving millions of dollars for DLA and makes other recommendations of varying types. He provides “should cost” scenarios to the DLA through AMC for castings and machining on legacy systems that have not been purchased for many years. He is currently working directly with Hill AFB and Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Keyport on upgrading legacy systems for modernization and cost savings.
Gary is involved in a project with NCMS for the evaluation of new rapid prototyping systems and integrating them into industry for use in foundry pattern tooling, straightening and machine holding fixtures and other manufacturing processes. These systems are also being evaluated for both new parts and repair of existing parts.
Gary worked with MWI writing the casting specifications, acceptance criteria for castings and machining and performed ISO and manufacturability audits and first article inspection for pump components in China for use by the Florida Water District.