Company Capabilities

Capabilities list

In house and sub tier Capabilities

Castings: Commercial and Aerospace
• Most processes available: Sand, Investment, Permanent Mold etc.
• Aluminum • Brass • Bronze • Cast Iron• Ductile Iron•White Iron
• Steel• Stainless Steel
• Call on other alloys available
• Prototypes •Short Run• Production
• Rapid Prototype using additive Mfg.processes

Foundry Tooling: Fixtues:
• Aerospace and Commercial • Straightening Fixtures
• Addative Manufacturing • Inspection Fixtures
• Prototype (Conventional, Rapid, CNC) •Target Fixtures
• Wood, Plastic, Metal & Production •Compression Fixtures
• Green sand • Air set• Plaster• Investment
• Models conventional & Rapid prototype
• Printed sand molds and cores
•Vacuum Form and Rotational molds

Engineering Casting Design and Consulting: Reverse Engineering:

Partners and Sources in both USA and India

Plastic Injection Molds and Parts:
• Tooling
• Prototype
• Short run
• Production

Value Added Available On Any Process such as:
• Machining
• Chemical Film
• Anodize
• Plating
• Painting (Conventional or Powder)
• Assembly
• Machined parts from bar stock (hog outs) prototypes and production
• Weldments, Machining and Assemblies
• Screw Machine products.