Current Projects

Current projects:
■ Advance Technology Institute
• Antimicrobial Copper Research program- consult and produce cast and fabricated copper
components for testing of antimicrobial capabilities in military and civilian hospitals

■ American Metalcasting Consortium
• Benet Army Laboratory- “light weighting” of towed howitzer using cast conversions
• Picatinny Arsenal- develop light weight A206 aluminum gun cradle casting
• Hill Air Force Base- conversion of T38 magnesium castings to aluminum due to corrosion issues
• Naval Underwater Warfare Center (NUWC)- assist with casting design of large bronze rotor casting
• Seminar- Casting basics for personnel at Hill AFB and NUWC Keyport

■ BMB Inc.
• Reverse engineer ductile iron offroad steering knuckles, producing CAD models and drawings and
foundry tooling, produce castings and supply machine complete

■ Benet Army Labratory
•Create CAD models of defelctor tray casting to convert from a 15 piece steel weldment into a 1
piece 17-4 PH investment casting. Produce SLA quick casting models and provide prototyoe castings
for test firing of XM360 cannon

■ DHD Inc.
• Investment cast and machined aluminum- machine frame casting

■ Disneyland
• Steel sand castings and welded fabrication- Paradise Pier bridge railing

■ ICON Vehicle Dynamics
Ductile iron sand cast- custom aftermarket truck steering knuckles

■ Military Aircraft Parts
•Aluminum investment casting- movable fairing over-wing seal B1 bomber

■ Moving Water Industries
• Engineering for “light weighting” of large portable pump components using Finite Element Analysis
(FEA)and solidification analysis to optimize part performance and weight reduction
• Iron sand castings and machining on expedited basis for pump suction inlet components
• Consult as needed for cast component evaluation and specification requirements

■ National Center for Manufacturing Sciences
• Rapid Prototype Development program

■ Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems
• Stainless steel investment castings, machined complete, deep water mine detecting vehicle

■ SPX Clyde Union Pumps
• Create CAD models on 2 legacy pump systems, build foundry tooling
and produce 28% chrome iron castings and supply machined complete

■ Yamaha Motor Corporation
• Plastic injection molded components for outboard engines
• Brass screw machine components for outboard engines