Past Projects

Past Projects:
■ ACL Technologies Inc.
• Provided 155 sets of forged, welded and fabricated components for the A/S32A-31-A
US Navy carrier based aircraft spotting tractor. We were ACL’s largest subcontractor on this

■ Aerometals Inc.
• Provided reverse engineering, tooling and magnesium sand castings for replacement under
wing landing gear doors KC-135 USAF tanker
• Provided tooling and 17-4 PH investment castings for fuel control valve

■ Arrowhead Brass Products Inc.
• Converted 40 year old 2D drawings and reverse engineered cast brass plumbing fitting
components into CAD models and constructed new high production foundry tooling to
maximize weight savings.
The first 3 items converted showed a $150,000.00 per month savings in metal costs along.

■ Advanced Technology Institute
• Hybrid light weight metals program-R&D project to cast composite material fibers into cast
components leaving an extension to directly bond composite materials to the cast
component, eliminating the need for external mechanical fasteners. We conceived the
bonding concept built tooling, manufactured samples and tested components showing an
85% strength retention of parent composite material. Customer US Army Benet

■ Armour of America
• Designed and built custom tooling to produce body armor for police and military use.
• Designed and built custom tooling for producing light weight composite armor for aircraft,
Helicopters and ground vehicles. Example C-130 transports planes, CH-46 & 47, Erucopter
EC-135 Sikorsky SH-3 and other helicopters and HMMWV – M998/966/1025,
MTV- M1083 and other vehicles.

■ Naval Air Warfare Center China Lake
• Manufactured tooling and supplied various cast components in both sand and investment
cast processes. Example 17-4 PH stainless steel release casting for fighter pilot seat ejection

■ Disneyland
■ Manufactured tooling / castings / machined complete as follows:
• 316 stainless steel sand castings axil bogie and up stop-Matterhorn ride
• 17-4 PH investment castings hangers- Dumbo ride
• 316 stainless steel sand castings chassis-Thunder Mountain Railroad
• Class 30 cast iron sand castings and cast 400 lbs. of lead as ballast in finished part- counter
weight Matterhorn ride
■ Reverse engineered design, manufactured tooling and provided cast iron sand castings
machined complete wheel drums for parking lot transport vehicles
■ We have produced many other components for the Disney Resorts

■ General Electric
• Assisted with engineering design of castings, designed and manufactured casting tooling and
fixtures. Provided large premium grade aluminum sand castings for Sonar electronics
cabinets-Seawolf Class Nuclear Submarine

■ Honeywell FM&T Nuclear Security Division
• Designed and manufactured tooling and provided many different integrate aluminum
investment castings
• Produced rapid prototype SLA master patterns and provided aluminum and stainless steel
investment castings
• Assisted engineering in designing integrate heavily cored 54lb. 17-4 PH investment casting,
provided first 10 castings via SLA patterns while building production tooling and provided
75 production castings
• Designed and manufactured tooling for large premium aluminum sand casting and provided
• The above parts where all manufactured on a top secret basis so no further description can
be given.

■ Isotope Products Inc.
• Provided cast and machined components for mobile radar system for road side inspection of
tractor trailers

■ Military Aircraft Parts
•Investment and sand cast aluminum aircraft components-examples B1B brake cooling duct,
Blackhawk helicopter shift cover, Apache Helicopter hatch cover levers
•Investment and sand cast steel aircraft and ground vehicle components- Apache helicopter
wench hook, M88 tank retriever tow hook, Apache helicopter rotor shaft bushing
•Injection molded, vacuum formed and fabricated plastic components for aircraft and
Helicopters. Example tubing connectors, Bell helicopter exhaust duct, formed polycarbonate
duct tubes

■ Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems
• Proposed redesign and assisted engineering with re-design of weldment on 4 cast
conversions the largest weighing 400 lbs. on premium aluminum sand castings.
Designed and manufactured foundry tooling, inspection fixtures and supplied castings
machined, painted and assembled complete- High Frequency Sonar Cabinet- Los Angeles
Class SSN 680 nuclear submarine
• Assisted customer engineering with design of components; designed and built casting
tooling fixtures and supplied castings machined complete on approximately 25 part
numbers for the Los Angeles Class SSN 680 nuclear submarine
• Supplied approximately 15 part numbers cast in stainless steel and aluminum bronze in
investment and sand casting processes for the Avenger Deep Water Mine detecting vehicle
• We have manufactured many other components for Raytheon on other programs.

■ Rocketdyne Division (Rockwell International now The Boeing Company)
• Produced the tooling for the liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen turbo pump castings for the
space shuttle main engines. These were produced as ultra-premium grade aluminum sand
• We have produced dozens of tools and components over the year

■ Rockwell Aviation Division (Rockwell International now The Boeing Company)
• Designed and manufactured casting tooling for many part numbers on the B1 and B1B
• Designed and manufactured tooling and supplied intake duct and canard wing castings on
the X-16 prototype high performance low cost fighter plane

■ Westinghouse Oceanic Division (Now Northrop Grumman Corporation Undersea Division)
• Designed and manufactured casting tooling, inspection targeting fixtures and provided
aluminum sand castings on strong back, nose cone, tail cone and stabilizer fins
AN/AQS-20A towed array mine hunting vehicle