About Us

About us:

Company Profile:
H. A. Burrow Pattern Works Inc.
1928 to the 21st century

■ Third generation manufacturing business

■ Gary Burrow has been President and CEO since 1983

■ Builds foundry tooling for sand, investment and permanent mold castings

■ Engineers, designs and manufactures fixtures for straightening, inspection,
targeting of castings and machining holding fixtures

■ Handles projects and programs and provides input on customer design for
more cost effective manufacturability and performance. We routinely supply
finished castings, machined parts and components with value added processes
such as machining, plating, painting and assembly.

■ Works with both commercial and aerospace customers

■ Supplies small quantity spare parts to the Defense logistics Administration

■ Uses conventional and CNC machining and rapid prototyping processes to
Manufacture tooling and components and parts

■ Soildworks is our primary engineering CAD program

■ Maintains a close working relationship with foundries, NDT test facilities and
suppliers in California, Minnesota, Michigan, Texas and Wyoming as well as
other regions of the United States.

Background: Gary Burrow

■ President and CEO H.A. Burrow Pattern Works Inc. 1983 to present

■ B.S. Degree Mechanical Engineering

■ Journeyman Patternmaker Wood and Metal

■ U.S. Navy 4 years active duty, officer in charge of shipboard repair division

■ Member: Society of Manufacturing Engineers for over 25 years

■ President Pattern Manufacturers Assoc. of Southern California for 25 years

■ 1995-2001 Director of Engineering and VP of sales for an aerospace investment casting
foundry which produced both steel and aluminum castings, increasing sales by 300% in
4 years adding value added operations to cast products, while continuing to run the
pattern shop

I have been involved in the foundry industry for over 40 years and am the president of H.A. Burrow Pattern Works Inc. I have worked with commercial and aerospace foundries in both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and with sand and investment foundries. While mainly being tooling oriented, I was heavily involved in working with foundries to produce high quality aerospace sand castings, evaluating not only tooling but all facets of the foundry processes. I have also worked extensively in the investment casting processes. I am involved with the designing of casting tooling, straightening and targeting fixtures and machining holding fixtures. And work directly with customer engineers to establish manufacturing parameters and processes for cast, fabricated and machined components